December 18, 2003

GOMBER: Bike Mounted Hydration System

Chloe Linn holds the GOMB'er Spout on my Linear Compact

Saturday, 11/15/03, at the Velo Swap in San Francisco, I discovered a water hydration system that I am excited about! Brand new to the marketplace, this easy to install system, called the GOMB'er, delivers a virtual gusher of water with each squeeze of the handlebar mounted pump. And with a spout that I can get as close to my lips as I want, liquid is right there for me without my ever having to take my hands off the handlebars. This is important in traffic or when climbing long uphill ascents. And it means one less thing to strap on or concern myself with because it is always on the bike.

Two Bottle system on Linear w/ZZipper fairing

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GOMB'er Gets the Water off Your Back

So, you’re a cyclist who needs an effective hydration system. Sure, water bottles came with your bike, but what a pain to use. Remove, raise, drink, replace – not so easy while riding in a pack, fighting a cross-wind, or climbing a hill. Sure, the Camelbak solves that problem, but then you’re saddled with 4 to 9 pounds of weight ON YOUR BACK!!. What to do?

The GOMB’er (Get Off My Back, pronounced Go-mer) is here.

Use your bike’s existing single or double bottles to hold the fluid, and have the convenience and safety of the outlet just inches from your mouth. No weight on your back, no breaking your tuck, no taking your eyes off the road, no disturbances to your cadence.One less item to carry (if you run a Camelbak)..

Pictured: Mtn Bike with the Standard Two Bottle GOMB'er system

Developed by Jack Martin, the GOMB’er (patent pending USPTO # 60/462843) has been developed and refined over two years of racing Triathlons and other long-distance bike riding in the hot Sacramento Valley. Born of necessity and tested in competition, it will make a dramatic improvement not only to your racing times, but also to your overall enjoyment of casual bike rides in the country by enhancing your control, convenience, and safety.

The water is pumped up to your mouth by a small, lightweight pump with FDA-grade tubing and a special valve so that water is always available with one squeeze..The pump is mounted directly on the lower side of the handlebar (or on the drop-out, fairing or wherever the rider feels it works best on a recumbent) so as not to interfere with your grip. To drink, you squeeze once, you get a mouthful, you keep riding. The whole system weighs far less than a Camelbak.

No alterations to your bike are necessary. The kit contains the pump, the valves, fasteners, and enough FDA-grade tubing to allow hookup to any size/design of bike (be sure to specify if your bottles are behind the seat or if you’re using aero bars). You should be able to install it in a half-hour with no special tools. Also includes complete detailed instructions (with diagrams) to install and tips for sizing, customizing, and cleaning.

I recommended for longer rides that you purchase commonly available one-liter bottles, as pictured. With two of those, you have just as much liquid volume as the standard model Camelbak, so you're not giving up anything in regard to volume. In one of the pictures, the GOMB’er is filled with red Kool-Aid so you can better see its simplicity. Nothing is hanging out to snag your feet, knees, or hands, nor interfere in the control or operation of the bike.

MSRP: $25

If you decide to get one for yourself, ask Jack for an additional three feet of vinyl tubing if you are going to mount it on your recumbent. And once you've done just one or two rides with it, I guarantee you your Camelbak will start collecting dust. The GOMB'er is that practical and fun to use!!

Looks trick. Major conversation piece!!

GOMBER web page

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