December 12, 2003

Breakthrough for locking a Bent!!

Is locking your recumbent to a stationary object or to other recumbents just more trouble than its is worth? The result of which is that you don't get off your bike and leave it outside of certain places? Or do you just have to many wheels to lock (a trike for example), or they are too far apart (a tandem) or is the pole around which you can lock just too big around for the only lock that can do the job, such as a Kryptonite?

Enter Angle Tech Cycles . Kelvin Clark used to have this problem as well. That is until he figured out the right combination for the task at hand. First he found a 7-foot braided cable called Flex Weave. Light weight and strong, it is not the easier to cut "aircraft" cable some people may use for this application.

Then he had to find a lock that would be virtually impregnable to bolt cutters. For this, he found the round MiniGard lock.

Sold separately, each unit is $16 retail. So for $32 you will have a locking mechanism that will keep your bike and as a many as 4 or 5 bikes secure from all but the most professional of thieves!! I love mine!!

Posted by mkreig at December 12, 2003 02:08 PM