December 02, 2003

Trike for a Small Planet, Bike Shop or Apt

Interested in a trike but don't have the space in your shop to display it, if you're a dealer, or no where to store it, if your place of residence lacks a garage and/or is just too small? Penninger Recumbent has solved your problem.

As per this review that I did in 2001, the Penninger not only gives you great performance as it holds up to a pretty good beating, but it fits easily thru a standard doorway before it then stands on its rear haunches!! As an instant workstand, it makes it easy for you to adjust gears and change tires and tubes, etc.

And since two of them can be connected , I used to store what amounted to a twelve foot long tandem in my one bedroom **upstairs** apartment. With all my other bikes. And I still had lots of room to move around!!

More info: Penninger Recumbents

Posted by mkreig at December 2, 2003 10:29 AM