December 03, 2003

ProLink Lube: Stop Wearing your Recumbent

After 8 months of regular use of the product I an about to explain, I am here to say that THX to Kelvin Clark of Angle Tech Cycles , my guru for all things bike tech related, I no longer wear my recumbent. And this is a very big deal to me. After years of ruining winter time pants and rain wear, I now can ride my bike and not find my legs covered in grease. Since I ride the rain, in the past I used to have to apply generous amounts of oil to my chain so that it would not rust. Which added to my greasy leg misery. And the last thing I wanted to have to do was stay out in the weather to wipe my chain down every time I encountered any measure of precipitation.

So when Kelvin said that with ProLink Chain Lube, I would not have that problem., I did not believe him. But black stains on my legs and pants really are a thing of the past. And I am excited.

What a breakthrough! Especially for us recumbent riders. Since we have more chain than most, the dirt and grunge that collects on a chain can make for a most troubling matter indeed. Nor can I tell you how much of my life I have spent cleaning my drive train....

So when the ProLink web site sounds like it tells a tale that is too good to be true, as per the following, I am here to say U can believe every word :

ProLink Chain Lube will not let dirt and grit stick to your chain in wet or dry conditions. It greatly reduces friction and wear, allowing smoother operation of your chain and cables, and it will keep your chain and drive train area clean and seemingly drag free. ProLink is a thin-bodied lubricant that uses MFR technology, a molecule which bonds to the metal surface. It does not build up or become tacky because it contains no solids like Teflon, wax, moly, graphite or plastic.

* Sheds dirt, mud and abrasives
* Repels moisture and reduces oxidation/corrosion
* Disperses water and resists wash-off
* Will not build up or get tacky
* Cleans and lubricates as you ride
* Works well in all climates
* Smoother shifting, quieter drive train
* Longer chain and sprocket life
* Less time spent cleaning drive train
* Lasts two to three times longer than other lubes more ride time for your dollar!
* Can be used as a dry lubricant
* Environmentally friendly

Posted by mkreig at December 3, 2003 09:11 PM