December 22, 2003

Calfee Stiletto: Best recumbent $$ can buy

THX to Fast Freddy Markham who with his speed successes helped establish the recumbent position as the undisputed bicycle design configuration needed to move two wheels the fastest, Calfee Design has entered the recumbent marketplace with a serious two wheeler worthy of your most strict attention. You see, with Freddy's help, Calfee has been able to build the cutting edge technology, ** Carbon Fiber **, that has made their upright bikes the choice of champions the world around into the recumbent bicycle. And by teaming up with Freddy, they have been able to use the insights he has gleaned over a racing career that has spanned three decades to produce a machine that knows no equal. That is if price is not a concern.

Starting at $4,995, the Calfee Stiletto absorbs road shock so well as an almost dizzying whirlwind of speed results from your pedalling efforts, that instead of searching your muscles for new ways to deliver power, you will find yourself figuring out what you can sell so you can have a Stiletto for yourself. The five mile test ride I took on one of their since even more refined prototypes last summer told me that this bike is going to create a huge stir. I can't wait until Recumbent Cyclist News , Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine , Bent Rider on Line and the pundits at Alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent get their chance to weigh in on this machine. Soon all the world will really know that one does not have to sacrifice comfort for tremendous speed. Too much wow!!

Posted by mkreig at December 22, 2003 11:23 AM