January 10, 2004

New Exciting Long Wheel Base Coming!!

Cycle Genius has created quite a stir with the two new LWB recumbents they are coming to the marketplace with this Spring. Seems Interbike was very good for them as they are chock full of orders for the LTX and the RDX. And it's easy to see why. "Where else", as partner Danny Savitsky asks, "can you get a mostly aluminum recumbent with disc brakes for 999 bux?"

And Danny is excited about these bikes for good reason. The LTX, the one with the front and rear Avid mechanical disc brakes, for example, weighs in at a svelte 33 pounds. To achieve this, the frame, and seat frame are aluminum. Also on this bike, like on their hot selling $450 answer to the now defunct BikeE, the CGX, is their comfortable 6-way adjustable seat.

The LTX upgrade, the $1350 RDX, comes in at 31 pounds. Add an aluminum fork, TruVativ cranks, faster wheels and other component enhancements to the LTX excitement and you've got a bike that is far more about performance than the pricing discounts that Cycle Genius is known for!!

Do get a look at their site!!

Posted by mkreig at January 10, 2004 10:09 AM