October 10, 2005

Free Bent Ads That Work!!

If you want to return to the simplicity of good old fashioned classified ads that don't involve the lead time of auctions, the bother of passwords, fees and/or the complexity of the EBay middle man, do help us get our National Bicycle Greenway bicycle ads re-seeded.

As our recumbent friends have learned over the last 10 years they have been using them, our ads SELL bikes. Here are a few testimonials:

I am a regular reader and have found two of the five recumbents I now own on this site - TA

I read your ads every night - DF

I love your ads; I tell everyone about them. I've done thousands of dollars worth of biz on here - KC

Feel free to place bikes, parts and rides at our site:

Note: With the help of a small force of volunteer spam cops, we are once again opening up all of our bike categories. This after a brutal onslaught of garbage ads that nearly ended this long running free service. If you want to run a photo with your ad, send a note to nbgATbikerouteDOTcom. The fee for picture ads is normally $20 but for a limited time we are offering them for $10...

Posted by mkreig at October 10, 2005 09:04 PM