September 11, 2005

World's Fastest Production Bike Terrorizes


53 year old George Reynolds us blowing off the Cat 1 and 2 road bikes again. In the Boston area on Saturday 8/24/05, he and his 190 pound frame powered the rolling (10-12% grades), ten mile Charlie Baker Time Trial (official results) at an average speed of 28.34 miles an hour. Hitting speeds well in excess of 40 mile an hour on the flats, he did all of this on the recumbent bicycle his company, Reynolds Weld Lab, manufactures for sale!. Called a Z-Bone, the bike features a nose cone fairing, a tail fairing, rear suspension, a carbon fiber seat and two 700 x 28 wheelsets..

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Posted by mkreig at September 11, 2005 12:06 AM