March 08, 2006

Wood Bent Plans, the Burley Bike story, Slip Not Eyewear - the David & Goliath story

- Ever thought you'd like to build a bike from the ground floor up but don't have the welding equipment or know how that you need? What about wood? As Tom Kabat long has shown us with his wood bikes, the ride can be glorious. Well now another wood builder has come forward with plans. And James Robinson's bikes are pretty trick looking indeed. To find out how you can get bent with wood for $25 , click HERE.

- Last Friday we went to Eugene, OR to talk with the people at Burley Design Cooperative , a worker owned collective that is one of the darlings of Northwest industry. Tune in as we talk about how Burley keeps jobs in America as they keep up with the growing national demand for their trailers, recumbents, tandems, road bikes and rain gear. A true success story, go to:

To see the Burley work force, go to click on the thumbnail and scroll away!

- The week before, we spent some time with Kevin Johnson, a jazz pianist and composer who washes windows by day and plays music at night as he also works to make his patented sunglass innovation a reality that more people, especially cyclists, can enjoy. If eyewear that you barely even know you're wearing is of interest to you, you might do well to listen to this true David and Goliath story at:

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