October 16, 2007

Unwheeldy: Jaw Dropping 360s and....

Unwheeldy, a nine foot tall dicycle built by Dave Hershberger and Matthew Blain, is the only pedal machine we have seen anywhere that upstages our 15-person Busycle . To give you an idea of why this is so, WATCH this short 30 second video of it doing 360's!!

For more fun, WATCH this 30 second video of Unwheeldy being built during the summer of 2007..


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October 09, 2007

Unwheeldy: The Nine Foot Tall Recumbent

Unwheeldy rolled with the Busycle at the first ever Ellen Fletcher Bike Blvd ride sponsored by Whole Foods and the city of Palo Alto. Created by Dave Hershberger with the able help of Matthew Blain, this amazing recumbent dicycle features wheel that are nine feet tall.

An exercise in team work as it cannot be ridden alone or independent of one's partner. While it is impossible for Unwheeldy to tip over in any direction, other problems can result. Pedal harder than your cohort and you could end up steering into parked cars or the line of traffic. Pedal not enough and you force such trouble on your unexpecting travel mate. On Unwheeldy, you must work together.

And it is an extreme blast. It turns on a dime. It pedals backwards, It does 360s on the road. There is even a way to send the riders on a 360 inside the machine. That is why there are seat belts! And Dave and Matthew are only just now starting to discover all the other things this amazing machine can do!!

See it IN Action!

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