February 23, 2009

Book Done - Bent Rider Now Trains on Eagle HiWheel

Our absence from here has been due to the fact that all of my resources have been pumped into getting my book, “How America can Bike and Grow Rich, The National Bicycle Greenway Manifesto” , ready for publication. Two weeks ago, I turned to the next phase of my journey of making this year's Mayors' Ride (exciting new schedule) a reality. Since I will be shepherding the return of the Busycle to Boston on a HiWheel bike (partly to show that bent cyclists are fit cyclists), I had to go out and find one that can do the mountains and hills I know will fill the ride.

Toward that end, I now have the privilege of riding an almost exact replica of the 1891 Eagle that can be seen in turn of the last century photos being ridden down the steps of the US Capitol. Made by the legendary Jim and Jim Jr, Spillanes, it is as much tricky to ride as it is a joy. Word has it, in fact, that it takes a year to maser. I leave in 68 Days!! As such then, I take inspiration from the fact that Ines Brunn, who will be performing for us on April 4 as per this link, can probably master it in a few days......

So if you want to watch me train in the very early morning hours, do get a look at the blog I am running for this by clicking HERE !!

THX 4 all of U!!

Posted by mkreig at 02:24 PM