November 07, 2003

Upright Racers: Haluzak Best Transition Bent?

Word is starting to get out in upright circles about the Haluzak Hybrid Race . A short wheel base (swb) recumbent that weighs in at 26 pounds (and likely less with the new Velo City wheels with which they will soon be equipped), it has the same wheelbase, 40.5 inches, as most conventional diamond frame two wheelers. And as such not only does the bike feel more familiar to those looking to not make discomfort a part of their cycling, but it is easier to learn the recumbent way on a Hybrid Race. On a Haluzak because the far more comfortable under the seat steering is linkage controlled, and not the cheaper to build fork tube to handlebar stem direct connection found on most SWB's, parking lots turns are far more readily negotiated and uphill climbing is much less tenuous - in sum, the bike is nimble, making it easier to learn. And the Ultegra drive train combines with the famous, time tested Haluzak craftsmanship to make for one go fast comfort machine!!

Serious speed enthusiasts, looking for a more comfortable way, only, need apply. MSRP $2,375

btw: A by-product of the more conventional wheelbase is the fact that this machine, like the other Haluzak SWBs, the Leprechaun and the Horizon, fits on a standard car or bus rack for those wanting to transport their machines to better riding turf.

Posted by mkreig at November 7, 2003 02:22 PM