Busycle Xmas Tree Lane Ride
Dec 22, 2007
Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto with Head Light, Barry Burr,
and her daugher Sarah
The Busycle in action

An overflow crowd rode, walked and escorted the Busycle to a flooded Xmas Tree Lane. We tried to carol but it was too dark to read. Our gears train drowned out the boom box. But we all stayed warm (by pedaling) and had a huge supportiong cast of well wishers and escorts. It was a fun nite!

Yoriko rides with Unwheeldy co-inventor Matthew Blain
Yoriko warms up with hot cider before we leave
Mike Salesi on his 6-wheel kinetic sculptire racer with the Mayor's hsuband, Lee Collins (at left)
Cake & Cider for the road
Mike Abrams, Los Altos HS Tech Synposium director, walks in front of Unwheeldy and Lee Collins
Escort Nathan with Mike Laznovsky, Mike Saleski
Escort Paul Gregg

We celebrated Wayne's BD (again)
Escort, Matt Podoll, from the Palo Alto Daily News
Using reverse in one of our 3-point turns
Mike L & Mike S check in with Lee (he was everywhere) and Matthew Blain
Mikle L & Lee C bring up the rear
A broken water man flooded Christmas Tree Lane
Tian Harter's Web Story
Maria's Photo stream

Rider Crew:
Mayor Yoriko Kishimoto
, Lee Collins, Maya Collins, Sarah Collins, Maya's friend, Barry Burr, Allison Chalken, Michael Laznovsky, Rick Swent, Tian Harter, Linda Filling, Michael Abrams, Maria Kazandjieva, Lisa Maloney, TIm, Jim Jinks, Jim & Marjorie Schallau

Other Vehicles: Mike Saleski with 6-wheel Burning Man, Kinetic Sculpture racer
Matthew Blain with Unwheeldy

Cheerleaders: Waye & Katthy, Bill Daul (phone - c/not find us)

Escorts: Paul Gregg, Nathan, Matt Podoli, David and Dihuyen Adams, Catherine Swent

Support: Faye Saunders (cake & molled cider), Steve Rice (ride UnWheeldy to start/fnish)

Show Lighting: Michael's Light Toys

Head Light: Barry Burr

Other: Boombox - Jim Jinks, Xmas Carols & Xmas Music CDs - Marjorie Schallau, Xmas Tree & Garland Strips - Linda Filling, Brownies & Blueberry juice - Lisa Maloney, Photo documentary - Maria Kazandjieva, Utensils - Allison Chalken.

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